Lickkuiddrano LP Release Party!

Lickkuiddrano is almost here! May 31st Mastamind is dropping the album, performing and celebrating at Tiger O'Stylies. If your on that side of the map make sure to join Mastamind in the celebration. The Wicket Shit'll Neva Die!

Skitzo - "Millions"

Here's the latest track "Millions" from the Doublehead Everythang Mixtape. Here we get to hear Skitzo tear up the latest track from the Mixtape. The Doublehead Everythang Mixtape is coming soon. Check out the previous audio from the mixtape in our audio section.


Make sure to follow Mastamind and Skitzo on twitter for the latest updates on tours and music!

@MistaMastamind and @SKITZOmichigan

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Mastamind - "Killas Don't Talkshit"

Another track from the Doublehead Everythang Mixtape! Mastamind and Skitzo will be dropping this in the near future. Until then check out "Killas Don't Talkshit". You can find the previously released tracks from the Doublehead Everythang mixtape in the audio section. We'll keep you posted on the updates! Stay tuned!


Be sure to follow Mastamind on twitter @MistaMASTAMIND or follow his feed on the front page!

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Orthus - "Pool of Pills"

Mastamind and Skitzo are working on the new Doublehead Everythang Mixtape. The Orthus will be dropping a few tracks before the Mixtape drops. Check out "Pool of Pills!"

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Audio: "Some Mo' Drano"

Mastamind drops a LICKKUIDDRANO single! Here's "Some Mo' Drano" to flow through your system. Check out the track below and make sure to visit the forum and sign up to discuss and download the new single! Discuss wicket shit with the Hellraiser himself!

Click Here!



Mastamind - Rarely feat Bizarre

What's up Toxsic. Here's some new music from Mastamind hot off the recording rack from Bizzare's World Tour. The track is called "Rarely" featuring Bizarre. Peep it! The Wicket Shit Will Neva Die!

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[Body Down] by [ROKGOD ft Kung Fu Vampire]

Mastamind, Poe Whosaine and Kung Fu Vampire. Off the rare album "Mortifikation Vol1 & Vol2"

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[BloodStainsTheGround] by [Mastamind ft. Esham]

Track off the album LastTemptationOfChrist.

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