Mastamind's Mastapiece is out. Available at all major retailers.

Natas' own Mastamind is set to release his latest album titled MastaPiece. And we got the official Track Listing and cover art.

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Track Listing:
1. I am Pain
2. Thrill Kill
3. Grave Dance
4. City to the South
5. Like that
6. The MastaPiece
7. To the Death (Satan's army) feat. Skitzo
8. You can be Erased
9. Triple Threat feat. Scum and Bloodshot
10. Step right Up
11. Mo Bodies (Bloodshed)
12. Lay Handz feat. Daniel Jordan
13. Hell Masta feat. Rev Fang Gory and Kreepy
14. HolyShitGodDamn
15. Make my Mind up
16. Grave Dance (Shroom Mix)

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